Higher Times

by Mason Street Gangstas

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released July 17, 2010



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Mason Street Gangstas Bellingham, Washington

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Track Name: Nothin' but Elite
We're the Mason Street Gangstas
And we're turning your neighborhood against us
MSG Tearin' up Mason Street
We're nothin' but elite

Buttah-boo's bouncin, yeah she's back again
Rollin up to the M A S O N
Bringin the beats and the sweet melody
Got that flavor, got that style, yo don't be fuckin with me

This is Skeezy-E, watch out for your fellas
I'm on the prowl from here to Australia
I'll take your man like I take off my clothes
Sweet and with the beat, cause I'm that favorite ho

I'm Ready-Red chock full of fire
Set this place ablaze, leave you burnin with desire
Bringin the heat to Mason Street
Leave you with a taste of my spicy treat

Yo it's the weatherman new to the scene
But you can call me manifest destiny
Movin' East to West to be killin it with Mason Street
I shine incandescently cause I flow with too much energy

Hey it's LocoFoco I don't mess around
Last album we almost blew up this town
We be thuggin by day, clubbin by night
Shorties and me always such a delight

My name is C-dizze and baby you know I wiggle
Dealin' dishes to the fishes as long as they grant my wishes
My crew is the wet boys and we make a ton of noise
Crash your party, crash your bike, blow your mind with all our toys

Diamond Dope here, scoopin' in the light, rum up
Green seed slinging
Pourin' low from the bubbly spring a flowin ever glistening
With the rays from my shiny smile huslin, 1 2

I like birds and bees and the salty seas
I got curves and swerves and scrapes on my knees
I'm the best thing that you've ever seen
You can call me baby, or you can call me Bean

From the hood to the street I be dolin' out your medicin
My voice is so much sweeter than that pill of Exedarin
So if you needin' a doctor don't be ashamed
Out with some dirty ass hos, SadieShuga's my name

I've been called T-bone, I've been called TT,
Even called T-dawg, Miss T and little T
I got a lot of names at the top of the hill
But call me T-squared who's rhymes can kill

K-k-k-kel-dawg, Evergreen born and raised,
Now I spend all my days smokin' green, that purple haze
Hit the Royal, I'm the queen, hit the dance floor run the scene
Make love to the mic and now all the boys be wantin me

Livin the dream up on Mason Street
Livin' the life that's always sweeter than sweet
Koko shorty got the greatest story
Come kick it with me, we'll share another 40
Track Name: Knives, Guns, Drugs
The Knives, the guns, the drugs
I always knew I'd have you by my side

It's 1995, walkin down Helena
I saw you from afar, playin in the yard
I knew that we'd be friends, mornings making mudpies
Afternoons climbin trees, you're singing me
I'll see you at the crossroads

Single mothers on welfare, tryin to make things work
There's conflict all around us and we're trying to not get hurt
Junkies standin on the corner, brothas smokin' blunts
It looks as if they'll start a gang war, po-pos on the hunt

We kept our wits about us, nothin they can do to stop us
They ain't got nothin' on us, they can't force their ways upon us

As the years pass by, we start to look around
The cadiallacs look less inviting bumpin up and down
Sellin drugs, sellin tricks, so few jobs to be found
We knew the time had finally come, time to ditch this town
Track Name: Joanne
Knock, knock, knockin' on the door
We walk into the party and I see you on the dance floor
My girls and I, we start to get down
Turnin' all the eyes, gettin low to the ground

I'm feelin kinda loose, I'm gettin really free
As i'm movin to the beat, you slide up next to me
We're vibin on eachother we're about to get close
Up walks Joanne, lookin like a ho

I'm gonna fuck your man, just because you know I can
I'm gonna fuck your man, he's leavin you for me Joanne

She's bumpin and grindin all up on your knee
Little does she know you're only thinking of me
I've got my fishnets on, boots to my thigh
Lookin like a dream gonna make you feel right

Joanne that ho always lookin for drama
But really you just want me to be your baby mama

I'm lookin through Joanne, straight into your eyes
You tell her that you're thirsty but you're only tellin lies
I'm headed for the door, with you close behind
As soon as we're outside, our bodies intertwine

It start to heat up, it's really gettin hot
Joanne walks out, her face full of shock
She's runnin at me, swingin her purse,
Fuck you Joanne, you stole my man first

You better listen up Joanne, this is how it all began
Back in the day when we were friends
you and I were like PB&J, until you stole my man away
Now this is where our story ends

Now we haven't spoke for years, and I see you dancin here
Now you're with another man again
I've been waitin for this chance to come, to put an end to what you begun
Now you're gonna witness my revenge
Track Name: Chip and Putt
Yo I can never pick a club so I hire my own part caddy
Lookin for a skinny blonde bitch that'll call me daddy
Game so legendary, they call me Bagger Vance
When I dance, ladies love the swagger

She leaned in said "Tiger, heard you drive it deep"
Damn right baby girl I'll sweep you off your feet
And when I'm finished with the front I always play the back
So if you's down to get freaky you know I'm down with that

And if girl you's a par 5, I'll birdie that shit
Hit it 4 times a night before I quit it and forget it
Yeah I never let it affect my game
That I got a girl back home when I see all this spare change

You can lay up in the sand, work you up and down like chip and putt
I can be your Tiger Woods if you just be my blonde slut
Don't worry bout my girl back home when I'm blowin up your phone
yeah I can be your Tiger Woods if you just be my blonde slut
My blonde slut, baby be my blonde slut
You don't need class with an ass like that yeah
I can be your Tiger Woods if you just be my blonde slut

Tonight I'm dressed all fly like it's Sunday at the Master's
Eyes on the green, but my games a straight disaster
But tonight it doesn't matter cause all these girls are plastered
So I walk up to the hottest one, and I ask her

Hey pretty lady, what's your name, how you doin?

It's Skeezy-E baby and I like the way you're movin

Is it really how I move or the money in the bank
Or that I ball harder than Nike when I'm drivin in the range?

Well the money doesn't hurt and neither does your style
But I hear you like em blonde and I'm lookin to get wild

If it's wild that you want, then it's wild that you get
So grab a glass I'll fill it with a shawn-don-em-uet(?)
Take you to another level that you ain't never been at
Give you a little taste of fame girl, what you think of that?

I know that you'll be pleasin me so lets head back to Mason Street
Tell me all about the things that you wanna do to me

And oh girl you're so sexy, you got me trippin and changing up my whole world
And ooh, the way that you affect me, you got me thinking that tonight you'll be my girl yeah

Smoother than Augusta greens the way that you be workin me
So let's head back to Mason Street
Where you can be my hole-in-one, let's play around and have some fun
Yeah we won't stop until we're done
Track Name: Let Your Animal Out
I want your body and your blood, don't need no kisses or your love

I'm on the prowl, for a body for a man
The hunt is on, on the dance floor we begin
Picked up your scent, come on baby just give in
I want your body and your blood, don't need no kisses or your love

Let your animal out, let your body scream
I wanna hear you roar
Let your animal out, let your body scream
I wanna love you like a carnivore

I can crump it, bump it, hunt it, mount it,
Jerk it, drop it, slit it, scalp it,
Rip it, get it, now you'll know I'll win it, yeah I'll win it

DJ drop those beats down, make your body sound
Move those hips round
Step right up and give me the pound-pound

Girl why you actin like that?
Think you got this home-boy in your trap
Truth is I'll be watchin you all night
Actin real coy, keepin out of your sight

If you wanna play predator vs. prey,
I've played that game and you better play my way
Cause baby I can grind it and wind it and get up on behind it
I'll squeeze it and tease it, I know how to please it
Track Name: Key to Your Heart
Oh baby you and me, why don't we leave
We can wander through the crowded streets
Have sex to this boss beat

We'll duck behind the oak tree, start poudin against the concrete

Baby I got the key to your heart
(sexy, sexy, sexy)

Now the sun is going down, like you on me now
We're the talk of the town, take off that velvet gown
It's about to get messy, as you climb up on me
Our bodies get sweaty, I'm getting ready

With the key to your heart

Oh girl you know it's hard
For me to be your pawn
For you those lips that boil
Beggin you to up and start something selacious

And then we'll climb in bed
Maybe you'll give me head
What was that sound you said-
Broken spring, take the floor instead

It's going down
Track Name: The Kiss Goodbye
Woke up this morning, feeling like shit
Man the party must have been legin
Got a 40 taped to my hand, got the spins so bad I can't stand

Got a magic-marker moustache
Must have lost all my cash
Memories from last night fading with the last of the light

Kickin with my crew on Mason Street
You know it's a night that can't be beat
Skeezy-E be the wizest wizard,
Lil' Abe droppin beats like a blizzard

That's the part of the story before the last of the 40
Then it was lights out for your number one shorty

I'll kiss my hangover goodbye
Say hello to the 40 that I'm gonna buy
I'll kiss the evening goodbye
Say hello to my bottle that aimed at the sky

Koko shorty got the remedy
To a hangover with the worst melody
Drink a 40's worth of water
Pop some advil for a starter

Take three rips of the finest weed
Surely this is my finest deed
Heading off straight to bed,
Gonna sleep like I'm motherfuckin dead

Still can't see straight
Drank my worth in weight
In an awful state
Don't know if that 40s gonna taste so great
Track Name: Warrant for Arrest
When you see me on the beach, baby keep walkin by
Even though you don't see me arm in arm with a guy
Just keep your gaze aimin straight on ahead
Cause there ain't no way you gonna get me into your bed

Back home I got a boy with more shuga than you
Joker don't get me wrong, you see I'm never untrue
So just keep chuggin now don't stand and stare
Even though I got some motherfuckin' beautiful hair

Boy I'm serious now, sucka you better pick up the pace
Because in my bikini, I've got a can full of mace
And these killa long legs are gonna mess up your chest
Cause both of em have a warrant out for arrest
A warrant out for arrest

In my bikini got a ticket to travel the world
That's right I'm an international type of a girl

I got curves like I got dollas
Gettin drinks like I get hollas
Gettin freaky with down-under ballas
Tired from ignoring all these callas

Sittin in the sun, sippin on my wine
Don't worry bout the future, I got tons of time
Hittin up Belize, Guatemala and Sidney
Ain't nobody on Mason Street gonna bother me
Track Name: The Perfect Getaway
Sittin in a strip club, sippin on wine
Shorty all up on me, workin that grind
Stuffin 20 dollar bills in her G-string line
I'll be hittin that tonight like I'm hittin these rhymes

But all up in my face comes this punk-ass little G
Lookin for some action from the shorty with me
I get out of my seat and I flash him my piece
He tries to pull a shank so I blast him in the knee

And they called the police, but I called my homies
And we made the perfect getaway, the perfect getaway

Blazin down the freeway, goin 95
With a sawed-off shotty and my homies in side
Runnin low on gas and runnin low on time,
We pull off of the freeway to find another ride

We find a busy street and we pull the car aside
I get out and point the shotty at the people drivin by
One of them stops and I say "you're gonna die"
He takes off runnin so we get inside and drive

Now we're on the run, on the run, on the run
It's only just begun, just begun, just begun

Now it's 3 AM and we've ditched the cops
Crossin state lines and we're never gonna stop
Till a homie ridin with us starts having second thoughts
He thinks we should surrender cause he thinks we'll get caught

We tell him hell no and keep the pedal to the floor
He's lookin more suspicious than he ever has before
He whips out a badge and a magnum 44
We grab that undercover pig and kick him out the door
Track Name: Where My Pants At
I don't care what you got on me
I'm the motherfuckin KryspyBean, KB
You can talk your shit, you can flip your lip
Just remember rude girl, you ain't too hip

I got bros and hos all along the coast
That party you stalkin, I'm the host
I got friends in the East, friends in the West
When it comes to Washington, I'm the best dressed

Where my pants at, where my pants at dawg?
Bitch shut up, use the upstairs bathroom

I've got bros and hos all along the coast
When it comes to lovin, they love me the most
I don't need your stinkin sleazy attitude
Lately you've been puttin me in a lousy mood

Get outta my town, get outta my state
If I were you, I wouldn't wait
My bros will be on your ass by eight
If I know em at all, they won't be late

You're up in here, actin like a hog
You run your mouth like Choco the dog
Now you got a big white chicken in your mouth
I advise you girl, you better head your ass south

Yo, it's me and C-mac, I'm comin at you with this lyrical attack
Don't compare, don't even try
You fuck around with me I swear to god you probably gonna die, why?

I'm the flyest cat that you ever seen
Shoreline, Seattle, Evergreen state
What I'm reppin for, what you disrespectin for?
No reason, I will leave you bleedin

You're not conceiving what I'm saying
I'mma make sure you're prayin I ain't playin
I'm a real motherfucker allergic to the fake
I don't give a fuck about anyone that hate so wait
Before you talk that shit,
Me and C-murder we fuckin' legit
And these flows I spit, they real
I don't really give a fuck anybody feel
I'm made of steel - you can't go through me
Fuck y'all motherfuckers how you gonna do me
Show respect when you come at me
I'm CG and you best believe
Track Name: Break My Fall
It's hard to keep track of what's going on
I've got a lot of men but something feels wrong
All day I find myself thinking of you
I don't want this to fall through

They're just toys to play with
But I want a man to stay with

Can't you see, I can get anyone to be with me
But it's you I want to set me free
Someone to answer my call
Someone to be there to break my fall

These other guys are fun for a while
But they're just not my style
They come and go like day and night
But only you can make me feel right

You've got a girl you're giving diamonds and pearls
I've got these guys in between my thighs
If you haven't caught on, I don't think it would be wrong
Let's forget all this mess, put our love to the test
Track Name: Bring Down the Lights
Club's glowin, the feelins tight
Me and my boys havin fun tonight
Pre-funked on somethin, not a worry bout nothin
People all around are doin some crumpin

Strut up to the bar and I see from afar
Lookin so fine spinnin on her wine
I don't think I've seen someone so devine

Long hair, real bright eyes
And a booty that will make you go out of your mind
Got a taste of a body and I want some more
She's not like anything you've seen before

Got dressed up with my girls tonight
We're lookin so good in the spotlight
Dancin and drinkin all over this town
Till I spot a guy that can really get down

I see him lookin at me while I'm lookin at him
We're lockin eyes and the lights go dim
We connect and you can't deny it
The look in your eyes says that we should try it

I love this song girl
Do you like me too?
Oh girl you know of course I do
Then let's get lost and go up to my place
Share this kiss and my embrace

Bring down the lights
Turn up that beat, we're movin tight, you feel my heat

I hop on my bike and I spin them tires
The passion on the street shows our desires
Weavin through traffic, fuck the police
They can't stop me, I flash them my piece

Holdin on tight on the back of the bike
This guy already knows what I like
Our connection in the club was undeniable
This feelin in my body is always reliable

At her phat-ass mansion on the top of the hill
She leads me in, this girl's got skill
We pop the bub and get in the tub
She pulls out her dub and we smoke that shrub

R. Kelly on the stereo, the mood is set, our sexy silhouette
I'm groovin on this feelin, the weed doesn't hurt
Our love's so strong, this guys not a flirt

We're never gonna stop this party
Even if it wears us down
Come on all, get up, get up
Let's go out and hit this town

We're never gonna stop this party
Dance all night, our feet are light
Never gonna stop this party
Move together till daylight
Track Name: Kubby's Garden
I walked away from my standards just the other day
And I threw out all those ingrained notions of temperment
Sufficient to undestcore the practices
In a single frame of mind -

Living on a solo line of incremental time
Trading in dimension-less monotony

I'll melt your pre-dispositions into shapeless compositions

Let's get a script for a zip of the tweedle-dee
And roll a canon-size blunt, what a site to see
To set the head right and get my body tight
A multi-trajection angleoscopy

I'm gonna puff tough on my medi for free
My crops guarded by the RCMP

We know how we want to live - in a kick ass little center
Getting everything to bloom and look beautiful again
In our kick ass little center

A culture of cannabis, frisbee, computers, networking
A culture of peace, prosperity, hemp and recycling

Smoke an ounce of weed every single day
That's a pound every two weeks
If I keep it up for 72 years, I'll have smoked one ton of weed

I wear sunglasses no matter what
Cause I'm so high that my eyes are shut
All of my buddies are wearin shades too
So we can be high and you won't have a clue

In this kick ass little center everyone smokes legally
And grows a sticky sea of bud to toke personally
So get your head tight, you know we're ready to fight
And stand up for our medicine unquestionably

Don't let them criticize our medicine
Man you just gotta blaze up that blounce and bust a fat smoke load
In their silly little faces

I'm just a reefer refugee in the garden of Steve Kubby

I pledge allegiance to the flame
One nation, under Kubby
Indivisible, with reefer happiness for all